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Board-Certified Construction Lawyers Resolving Construction Disputes Throughout Florida

The mediators at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group are widely respected throughout the construction industry in Florida. The firm’s founding partners are both Board Certified as experts in construction law by the Florida Bar. They leverage their decades of knowledge and experience in construction litigation by providing alternative dispute resolution services to those who find themselves mired in construction disputes. If you are in need of a certified mediator, qualified arbitrator, or dispute resolution judge, the professionals at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group can help.

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When Your Construction Case Needs Alternative Options For Resolution

Anyone who has been involved in litigation knows that taking a case all the way to a trial is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Especially in complicated construction law and commercial litigation matters. Alternative Dispute Resolution provides an efficient, cost effective, and timely way to resolve such disputes without leaving the final decision to a judge or a jury. Using their experience and industry knowledge, the specialists at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group offer those methods with the following alternative dispute resolution options.

  • Arbitration: Proceeding through arbitration results in a binding decision, just as in a trial, without the time and money involved in litigating a case through the court system . As arbitrators, Mr. Malka and Mr. Kravitz have unique industry experience and expertise.
  • Mediation: As mediators, Mr. Malka and Mr. Kravitz can help all parties involved collaborate toward a collective resolution, with the ultimate goal of reaching a settlement that the parties craft. Not a judge or jury.
  • Private Resolution Judge: In Florida, the law allows for parties to select a Private Resolution Judge to preside over their case. Both Mr. Malka and Mr. Kravitz are qualified to serve as private judges for your construction law and commercial litigation cases.

Active in the industry, with memberships in relevant construction industry organizations including the Broward County Bar Construction Law Committee and the Construction Law Committee of the Florida Bar’s Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section, the mediators at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group stay abreast of the law and dedicate themselves to helping you resolve your construction law case as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Searching For Alternative Dispute Resolution Options? Call Today.

No matter what issues your construction case entails or how contentious the issues may be, the industry experts at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group can help you with dispute resolution options that are efficient and cost-effective. Call 954-836-0854 today, or reach out using the online form to schedule your initial consultation.

Do not settle for traditional methods when your dispute could benefit from a more efficient alternative. Call the Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group today.