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Alternative Dispute Resolution For Construction and Commercial Cases: Cost-Effective Strategies For Conflict Resolution

At Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group, the founding partners Harry Malka and Ian Kravitz have built upon their reputation as construction law experts to offer skilled and efficient dispute resolution services. From their office in Fort Lauderdale, if you have a construction law or commercial litigation case in Florida and are looking to resolve it in a cost-effective and efficient manner through alternative dispute resolution methods, they can help.

Board-Certified Experience: Resolving Your Disputes With ADR

Mr. Malka and Mr. Kravitz each have over 20 years of experience in litigating construction and commercial disputes and are certified by The Florida Bar as Expert in Florida’s Construction Law. The following methods of dispute resolution are used to resolve disputes efficiently, at lower costs, in a timely manner, and allow matters to stay private:

  • Arbitration: An Arbitrator considers both sides of a dispute and makes a binding decision that can be enforced by the Courts.
  • Mediation: A Mediator facilitates negotiation and settlement discussions between parties to a dispute, allowing the parties to collaborate on the outcome of the case for the best interests of all parties involved.
  • Private judge resolution: Florida law allows for private lawyers, who are members in good standing of The Florida Bar to act as Trial Resolution Judges, if the parties to a case agree. The decision just as binding as a Court Judgment.

As board-certified construction law attorneys, the team at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group can help you resolve your construction and commercial disputes in a cost-effective and efficient manner. In addition, as board-certified experts, you can rest assured that your case is in the capable hands of knowledgeable experts in Construction Law.

Call Today For Alternative Methods Of Dispute Resolution

The experienced construction law and commercial litigation mediators at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group are also experienced mediators, arbitrators and can serve as private judges for your construction case. Call 954-836-0854 today or reach out through the online form to schedule an initial consultation.