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The Common Use Of Arbitration To Resolve Conflict

Arbitration is commonly used, and sometimes even required, in construction law cases. Arbitration can be used to resolve a wide range of construction disputes, including disputes over contract interpretation, delays, defects, and payment. One of the primary benefits of arbitration is that it can be faster and less expensive than going to court. In a court case, the parties must follow strict procedural rules and timelines, which can be time-consuming and costly. In contrast, arbitration can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the parties and can be conducted in a more flexible and efficient manner. Additionally, because the parties often get to choose the arbitrator, they can select someone with specific expertise in construction law and industry practices.

Arbitrators For Construction Disputes

When an arbitrator is required in your construction conflict, consider working with the Qualified Arbitrators at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group.

With decades of experience in construction law and dispute resolution, the Qualified Arbitrators at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group are well-equipped to handle any type of dispute that may arise regarding a construction project. Whether it is a dispute over the scope of work, change orders, or delays, they have the expertise to navigate these complex issues.

What sets the Qualified Arbitrators at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group apart from others is their deep understanding of the construction industry. They have worked with contractors, owners, and subcontractors on a variety of construction projects, from residential homes to large commercial developments.

When you hire the Qualified Arbitrators at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group, you can rest assured that your dispute will be handled with professionalism, expertise, and care.  They are dedicated to finding a fair and equitable solution.

Arbitration provides a cost-effective and certain resolution alternative to trial. At Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group, the experienced commercial litigators and construction lawyers serve as arbitrators for:

If your case requires arbitration, choose the board-certified experts at Malka & Kravitz Dispute Resolution Group. They utilize industry knowledge and skills to resolve conflicts throughout the state of Florida. When negotiation through mediation isn’t an option and arbitration is required, they can help.

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